Breast milk is best for babies.

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Breastfeeding is best for babies and has many benefits, such as protecting your baby from infection while their immune system develops. It is important that you eat a healthy, balanced diet in preparation for and during breastfeeding. Infant formula is designed to replace breast milk when an infant is not breastfed. Combining breast and bottle feeding in your baby’s first weeks of life may reduce your supply of breast milk, and reversing a decision not to breastfeed is difficult. The social and financial implications of using infant formula should be considered when choosing a method of feeding. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when preparing and using infant formula, including proper sterilisation of bottles and using boiled water. Improper use of an infant formula may make your baby ill. Always consult your doctor, midwife or health care professional for advice about feeding your baby.

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Understanding conditions that impact on feeding habits

Even with the best nutrition and care, many infants have conditions or needs that may impact on their everyday feeding habits during the early years of life. Find out more about the possible causes and tips on how to manage.


Reflux happens when a baby’s stomach contents escape back up into their oesophagus (food pipe) and into their mouth. Reflux usually happens soon after a feed, and can cause babies to “spit up” milk or vomit.


Colic is a term used to describe excessive, uncontrollable crying or fussing in babies who are otherwise healthy and well fed.

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Formula fed babies are more prone to constipation, which may cause painful bowel movements and distress.

Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy

Cow’s milk protein allergy is a common food allergy in babies, and can cause varied symptoms including rash, digestive problems, and a failure to thrive.

Hungry baby

Babies who wake often due to hunger are often grumpy and tired, and may be at risk of overfeeding and excessive weight gain.

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Every child's development and needs are different, especially when it comes to conditions that may impact on their everyday feeding habits. We are here to support you.